SABA Climate Week 2023 event in collaboration with ZEMBA

Join us for an exciting evening of Procurement & Pinot at the Monterey Brasserie showcasing the pioneering work of SABA (Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance) and ZEMBA (Zero-Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance) as they lead the way to net-zero aviation and zero-emission maritime shipping.

The event will spotlight SABA and ZEMBA’s work catalyzing new markets by aggregating member company demand for low or zero-carbon products and managing competitive joint procurement processes. We will discuss the important role collective procurement plays in driving a lower emission future and the innovative approaches taken by both initiatives, with insights into their procurement mechanisms and their efforts to standardize the aviation and maritime environmental attribute markets, including by supporting registry development. A live panel discussion will feature leaders from Fortune 500 companies who are driving change through SABA and ZEMBA to reduce their aviation and shipping emissions and transform these hard-to-abate sectors.

We will wrap up the evening with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and mingling!


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