Accelerating the transition
to net zero aviation

Join us in our mission to decarbonize the future of flight.

Our Challenge

Catalyzing a climate solution for cleaner skies

As one of the most challenging forms of transportation to decarbonize, air travel has a near-term solution to reduce its emissions: sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Our Solution

Decarbonizing the future of flight

Spearheaded by RMI and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and supported by our Founding Companies, the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA) aims to accelerate the path to net zero aviation by driving investment in and adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which could substantially reduce emissions from air travel.

Made from renewable materials like used cooking oil or cover crops, Sustainable Aviation Fuel has the potential to significantly reduce the carbon intensity of flying.

Founding Partners

With expert support from

Our Approach

SABA is working to accelerate net zero aviation by:

Developing A High-Integrity SAF Sustainability Framework

Accelerating and Aggregating Investment in SAF

Building Transparent and Credible Tracking Systems

Interested in getting involved in our mission to accelerate net-zero aviation?